Who is this ruggedly handsome Gentleman named Martin?

Martin Boruta has been reading comic books and graphic novels for nearly 50 years (he reads books without pictures too, just sayin’). A lifelong fan of Captain Canuck, Martin is the curator of The Unofficial Yet Definitive Captain Canuck Comicography website. Since 2016, Martin has been reviewing comic books and highlighting great new Kickstarter projects at First Comics News. Recently, Martin expanded his writing and contributed to Sequential Magazine. For kicks, Martin enjoys teaming up with his pals and sharing hosting duties on The Hey Kids Comics Radio Show broadcast on Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM in lovely Peterborough, ON Canada, and available at First Comics News & The Hey Kids Comics Radio Show website. Martin is an active member of the Canadian Comic Book Alliance. In his various adventures, Martin has demonstrated an innate ability to spell “Erik Larsen” incorrectly.

Martin’s “day job” is co-owner of Shaw Computer Systems Inc., an IT consultancy firm in Peterborough, ON, specializing in Managed Services for small to mid-sized businesses since 1980.

In the past, Martin served in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve as a member of the Cadet Instructors List, reaching the Queen’s Commissioned rank of Captain, was awarded a Baronship of Sealand, and was ordained as a Reverend in the Universal Life Church while watching an episode of Monster Garage.

Reporter – firstcomicsnews.com

Contributor –  sequentialmagazine.ca

Host – heykidscomics.ca

Curator – captaincanuck.net

Admin – www.theccba.ca

Co-Owner – www.shawcsit.com

It’ s softer than I thought.

~ Ladies from all the far reaches of the globe

Martin, you are the only person I know that went through High School in neutral.

~ Mr. Bailey, Adam Scott CVI

Out of all the Boruta’s I know, Martin is my 6th favourite.

~ Łukasz Międzybrodzki

Martin Boruta has the wisdom of youth and the energy of old age.

~ Capt. Harold K. Sully, CD, CAF